How we’re different…
it’s all in the way we work

At Signify Research we are passionately curious about Healthcare Technology and we strive to deliver the most robust market data and insights, to help our customers make the right strategic decisions.

Focus on primary research
We blend primary data collected from in-depth interviews with technology vendors and healthcare providers to ensure our Analysts have a balanced view of the market trends. Whilst primary research is the cornerstone of our work, we have developed a unique country level database of healthcare infrastructure. This enables our Analysts to build detailed, transparent and reliable models of current and projected demand for various healthcare technologies.

Unparalleled access to our analysts
Whether our research is delivered as an off-the-shelf report or as a consultancy project, our customers benefit from direct access to our Analyst team and an expert opinion when they need it.

We encourage our clients to think of us as an extension to their in-house market intelligence team, and to contact our Analysts whenever they need help.


Research Method

This is how we work for a typical syndicated project.

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At the start of each syndicated research project, we invest considerable time to understand the needs of our clients and to identify the gaps in their knowledge of the market. This ensures that the final report provides targeted and useable information.

Based on our initial discussions with industry stakeholders, we issue a proposed research agenda that outlines the categories to be used for the market analysis and the key questions that the research will aim to answer. We then offer our clients the opportunity to take our Advanced Purchase option and customize the scope of the research, for example by requesting additional market segmentations, or by suggesting specific market trends that we should focus on. Advanced Purchasers also get a discount on the price of the report. This enables our clients to benefit from customized research, but at the price they would expect to pay for an off-the-shelf report.

We pride ourselves on the depth and thoroughness of our research. We conduct numerous interviews with vendors of healthcare technology, to evaluate supply to the market and the trends that will impact growth. Our Analysts travel extensively, as we believe face-to-face interviews yield the best results.

To estimate market sizes and supplier market shares, we typically use a ‘bottom-up’ research method, with a focus on collecting primary data from suppliers. As a trusted research partner for healthcare technology companies around the world, we have unparalleled access to proprietary sales, shipments and pricing data, which enables us to produce a reliable and accurate analysis of the market. Moreover, due to the granularity of the data we collect, our reports are typically the most detailed of their kind with numerous market segmentations, for example by technology, by application and by country.

To ensure our Analysts have a balanced and objective view of the market, we place an equal focus on interviewing healthcare providers, to understand their current and planned use of healthcare technology. By blending research with both the supply and the demand side of the market, we are able to provide a robust and complete analysis of the market.

At Signify Research we believe that the best customer insights are obtained by asking the right questions, in the right way, to the right people. That’s why our specialism is in-depth interviews with carefully selected decision makers. In-depth interviews offer the opportunity to capture rich, descriptive insights about the buying behaviours, attitudes and perceptions of healthcare professionals. By taking a more targeted approach to customer research, we are able to dig deeper in our interviews to uncover valuable insights that questionnaire surveys often miss.

Our Customer Insights series of off-the-shelf reports represents a cost-effective, readily available source of customer research. We also conduct research with healthcare professionals for our clients on a bespoke basis.

Our Customer Insights Surveys (link to product page) are off-the-shelf customer surveys and represent a cost-effective, readily available source of customer research. We also conduct customer research for our clients on a bespoke basis.

To support our market sizing and forecasting work, we have a developed a proprietary database of key metrics on national healthcare systems. This information is a critical component of our market models, allowing the impact of macro-economic and health infrastructure trends to be monitored. When combined with our primary research with healthcare technology companies and their customers, it enables us to calculate various market indicators, such as Total Addressable Market (TAM), technology penetration rates and product replacement rates. The Healthcare Infrastructure Database also enables us to produce ‘top-down’ market size estimates; a useful cross-check for our more detailed ‘bottom-up’ analyses which are based on sales, shipment and pricing data reported by suppliers.

Some of the key data points (by country) in the Healthcare Infrastructure Database are:

Number of healthcare institutions, by type, funding and size
Number of specialty departments, e.g. radiology departments
Number of healthcare professionals by discipline
Disease prevalence rates
Historic and planned investment in healthcare

In addition to our proprietary Healthcare Infrastructure Database, we supplement our primary research with a number of secondary data sources, including:

Company news and financial information
Product information, such as vendor briefings, data sheets and other technical literature
Technical and clinical articles from journals and conference proceedings
Government and economic data
Industry reports and databases from credible third parties
Industry trade associations
Regulatory bodies

Our market models draw on multiple data sources, including primary research with healthcare technology companies and their customers, our proprietary Healthcare Infrastructure Database and other credible secondary data sources. We review all preliminary market data with Advanced Purchasers as part of our preliminary data feedback process. All our market data is provided in tabular and pivot list form to allow quick ingestion into client working processes.

We include scenario- and risk-based analysis and commentary with our forecast data, highlighting areas of market uncertainty, key risk factors and their potential impact on market performance. Variance analysis is also provided in report updates to ensure clarity and consistency between report editions.

We are wholly independent and non-biased in our competitive market reporting. All primary reported data collected from technology vendors is intensely scrutinized and checked to ensure our analysis accurately represents the market.

With our modular database structure, data sets from different reports can be fully integrated, enabling our clients to create aggregate reports that give the information they want to see.

The ability to speak directly with our Analysts, rather than dealing with Account Managers, is one of the most valuable benefits we offer and comes as standard with every report purchase. This enables us to be highly responsive to our clients’ requests and to offer expert insights on the latest trends and market developments.

Whilst we pride ourselves in the depth and clarity of the analysis in our reports, our Analysts’ knowledge about their subject area far exceeds the published report. With all report purchases we offer an analyst Q&A session to highlight the key findings of the research, to explain the assumptions that underpin the market data and to answer any specific client questions. We also support our clients with more formal on-site and virtual Analyst presentations and with collaboration on marketing initiatives, such as white papers.

We encourage our clients to think of us as an extension to their in-house market intelligence team, and to contact our Analysts whenever they need help.

Research Values

These are our core research values that shape the way we work:

We combine intellectual curiosity, robust research techniques and a genuine interest in healthcare technology to deliver meaningful data and insights to our customers.

We produce accurate, detailed and credible market data and insights, based on primary data collected from healthcare technology companies and their customers.

We use proven research methods to produce data that our customers can use with confidence.

We listen to our customers to understand their research needs, so that our products deliver useable and insightful analysis.

We use robust modelling tools and provide clear and concise descriptions of the assumptions that underpin our market data.

Our Analysts are easily accessible for our customers and provide quick responses to enquiries.

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